Julian W. Photography sprung into existence in November 2002. It is committed to photographing our world in an ethical manner consistent with a healthy respect for all living things, dedicates itself to encouraging conservation awareness through the appreciation of nature photography and inspirational writing.

About Julian W.

Photographer. Explorer. Entrepreneur

Julian W. first started weaving images with light in 1992. He honed his photography skills by immersing himself in fashion, portrait and commercial photography but soon found these pursuits a little too monotonous for his liking.

​To challenge himself, he made a decision to venture into nature photography and quietly but steadily started building up his portfolio. In 1997, he decided to unleash his collection to the Singapore Zoo. Impressed by his images, they readily engaged Julian’s services. His first assignment was to photograph images for the Fragile Forest commemorative booklet.

More projects followed, including incentive photography, and the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia and Elephants of Asia commemorative booklets. In between, Julian’s photographic endeavours were also featured in the Zoo’s quarterly publications, Zoo-Ed and Zoo Garden.

For his stunning track record and ability to deliver under pressure, Julian was conferred the title of Honorary Photographer in December 1999 for constantly providing breathtaking images for educational use.

​As part of the BG Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition in 2000, Julian also presented a talk on photography to members of the public. Julian’s images have also been used by Animal Planet, Knowledge Village, Sony, HSBC, Singapore’s Ministry of Education, SingTel, and Vitagen, among others.

In November 2002, Julian W. Photography was formally founded. The fledgling company first offered purely photographic services such as sale or rental of images and regional assignment photography with a focus on nature, wildlife and culture. Over the years, the business has expanded to encompass copywriting, media and publications, an image stock library, and talks and presentations.

The following year was a significant milestone in Julian’s career. Epson, the printing giant, approached him to be their inaugural exhibitor for their prestigious epSITE Imaging Gallery, which was to be located in the heart of Orchard Road.

Between August 29 to October 31, 2003, Julian’s vivid interpretations of the wild were showcased in a solo exhibition, “In Harmony With Nature” at epSITE. More than 5000 individuals streamed through the gallery during the two month period. Julian’s proudest moment was when President S R Nathan graciously accepted an invitation to visit the exhibition on October 10, 2003.

In December that year, Julian made more inroads into the environmental world when he was appointed Field Editor of Asian Geographic, one of the definitive voices for Asian ecology.

From February 2004 onwards, seminars, talks and presentations featured largely in Julian’s portfolio. He has worked with various establishments including Sony, Singapore History Museum and Adanac Communications.

January 2005 saw the beginning of a personal voyage to immortalise the hope, recovery and resilience of those affected by the Asian Tsunami of Dec 26, 2004. Julian’s objective for this year-long self-funded project is to use the photographs he has taken, and will continue to take, for a exhibition to remind people that our fellow human beings still need our assistance.

In March 2005, Julian volunteered himself to assist in home construction in Sri Lanka and some of Julian’s footages taken then was complied into a music CD entitled “Hands United” to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity, Singapore. This effort is a collaboration between talented songwriters and 3 leading local artistes, namely Joi Chua, Kit Chan and Sun Ho. Habitat for Humanity and Cathay Pacific Airlines played a pivotal role to the completion of this project.

The rest of the year was spent in exploring the possibilities to help the unfortunate, concentrating on raising awareness to the plight and needs of the tsunami victims.

Finding new life meaning after that landmarked project, Julian moves on to concentrate on diversified his business, getting heavily involved in nurturing budding photographers and enthusiasts. He can be often spotted at Sony Digital Workshop (SDW), Singapore Management University (SMU) and other educational institutions, where he continues to share his vast photography knowledge and experience. Even at this present moment, Julian is having lots of fun empowering others with the knowledge about this intriguing subject – Photography.

The National Museum, Singapore in April 2007 hosted Julian on another solo exhibition. Entitled “Smiles”, it showcased Julian’s travel to the Indo-China region and aims to set the viewer pondering over the true intrepretions of the exhibited prints. A smile is often drawn, with the audience looking contendedly, once they believe they have managed to “decipher” the thoughts behind the photos.

In the midst of all these, Julian travels regularly on assignments for various established organisations. Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Australia, Borneo are just some of the places that Julian has left his footprints. May 2008 comes as a crucial assignment milestone for Julian – he was sent on assignment to South Africa for a large wildlife institution. A total of about 10000 images went into the image library.

Some of our more prominent clients we have worked closely with include:​